A Certified Electrician Can Repair Electrical System Damage In Your Commercial HVAC

If the HVAC system on your roof was struck by lightning, it could have electrical damage. You'll want to repair the equipment as soon as possible so your employees are comfortable in the building. You may need a certified electrician to work on the electrical system. Certified electricians are licensed electricians who have taken additional training and undergone testing to receive certification in a specific line of work.

For instance, an electrician might get certified in alarm systems, electric maintenance, or HVAC repairs and installation. By hiring a certified electrician, you can be sure you're getting a qualified professional who can troubleshoot and repair a commercial HVAC. Here are some repairs that could be needed.

Electrical Panel Repairs

Since a certified electrician is also a licensed electrician, they can work on the electrical supply panel and wiring lines. One of the problems with your air conditioner could be a blown circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker can't be turned back on, there won't be any power to the HVAC until the breaker is replaced with a new one.

The electrician may also need to check the disconnect box since power flows from the electrical panel through the box to the HVAC. The box may need fuses replaced or other repairs done so your HVAC can get power.

Replace Damaged Wiring

A commercial HVAC has high-voltage wiring as well as low-voltage wiring. The wiring could potentially be damaged during a storm if there's a power surge, short, or other electrical problem. In addition, the HVAC has transformers that step down high-voltage power into low-voltage. If a transformer blows, the electrician has to replace it so power can be passed through the HVAC system.

Replace A Bad Motor Or Capacitor

If a motor is damaged due to strain and burning out or due to a power surge, the electrician may need to repair or replace it. There could be a few motors in your commercial system that power blowers to move air through the building. The type of system you have determines the number of motors it has.

These all need to be operational, or you may have hot spots in your building and your equipment could be strained. Also, each motor needs a capacitor to start it up. Capacitors can go bad because of a lightning strike as they are part of the electrical system. A bad capacitor must be replaced with a new one.

A certified electrician can trace the power through your HVAC system and find problems that might be with the control board, wiring, or thermostat. An electrician can handle any wiring and electrical damage they find so your HVAC works properly and safely as quickly as possible.

To learn more, contact an electrician service in your area such as Reinhold Electric.

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