Install A New School Lighting System For Your Baseball Field This Spring

With spring around the corner, your school might be looking to get spring sports programs up and running again. If your school has a baseball team, this likely means making sure the campus baseball field is ready to go for the start of the new season. If you have the money or funding to add additional features to your athletic programs this spring and you don't yet have sports field lighting set up at your baseball field, maybe this year should be the one where you finally make it happen.

Here's why you should contact an electrician about school lighting systems

Kids Can Play and Practice for Longer

When you have the ability to turn on the lights at a baseball field or any other athletic field, it opens up scheduling opportunities you have not had before. You can choose to start a game later in the afternoon or at night without concern about the game making it past sunset. If you've previously had a baseball game that went to extra innings but you had to stop playing when the sun went down, a new lighting system will allow the kids to keep playing. Better lighting at night may also allow for the kids to get in an extended practice session or to practice at night with the specific intent of getting the kids ready to play in their first night game.

Playing at Night is Fun

Beyond scheduling opportunities, the students will likely enjoy the new lighting simply because playing a night game can be a blast. Every student or kid has likely seen their favorite baseball players playing a night game on television and this will allow them to have fun playing under the lights too.

Bring in More Revenue With Night Games

When you can start a game at night after everyone is out of school and all parents are out of work for the day, you might be able to bring in more revenue for the school district. You'll have more people showing up to see their kids play and that could mean more ticket revenue at the gate or more people ordering food at the snack bar. The extra revenue could help reimburse you for the expense of putting the lights in place.

Better Safety On and Off the Field

When you install sports field lighting, you can also talk to the lighting company about putting in lights at the nearby parking lot or anywhere else on campus where fans might be before or after the start of the game. A well-lit field and campus help keep the players and their families safe.

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