Why It's Worth Using Fiber Optic Cables At Your Business

Are you getting ready to run new networking cables in your office, but you're not sure about what kind you should install? You may want to consider installing fiber optic cables due to the following reasons.

Fast Internet

One of the main reasons to install fiber optic cables is because they are capable of transmitting data at an incredibly fast rate. When compared to a traditional copper cable that you would use instead, you'll find that the speeds are simply faster with fiber optics. Of course, you must have an ISP in your area that offers fast speeds to take advantage of the cables.

Large Bandwidth

Even if you do not have a fast ISP in your area, fiber optic cables offer more bandwidth within your business. This is incredibly useful if you have many employees that are all connecting to the same server since you have a lot of data traveling to a central location. Fiber optic cables can help ensure that nobody is slowing down at the job unnecessarily. 


Fiber optic cables help create a much more reliable connection within your office. This is due to how the cables are not slowed down by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference. Having one less thing to troubleshoot at the office is always a good thing, and fiber optics can help prevent unnecessary interference that you were not even aware was happening.


Were you aware that there is a limit to how far data can travel over a copper cable before you start to see a loss in speed? If you have a very large building where your employees are spread out, fiber optic cables will have no issue reaching all parts of the building without any speed sacrifices.


Another benefit that you may not be aware of is the security benefits of fiber optic cable. A copper cable is fairly easy for someone to tape into, which means they can intercept the signals being sent over the cable. Doing this with a fiber optic cable is not as easy, which makes your network more secure. 


We don't know where technology is going to take us in the future. While copper cables may be fine for our needs today, down the road it can be very different. Fiber optics is going to have all the benefits to ensure that you made the right choice for your cabling needs if things do change and you are in need of all these benefits.

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