3 Infrared Tests For Homes And Businesses

There are a lot of tests to find problem areas in your home and business. However, thanks to advancing technology, technicians can use infrared tests to look for many issues. If you would like to know more about infrared tests and how they can help, keep reading.

1. Roof Moisture Survey

Infrared roof moisture surveys are commonly used on flat roofs, making them great for modern-style homes with flat roofs and commercial/industrial buildings. Flat roofs often have drainage issues because the water can't slide off as it does on slopped roofs. For this reason, water may collect in certain areas. The more moisture, the higher the risk of decay, leaks, structural issues, and mold.

Unfortunately, a lot of that water also gets under the top layer, making it hard to spot. The infrared light used in a roof moisture survey identifies differences in temperature to help find spots with excess moisture. This allows you to fix drainage issues, make necessary repairs, etc. before the moisture becomes a bigger issue.

2. Infrared Electrical Scan

Your electrical system is largely hidden, making it hard to know when something is wrong. This is problematic because you may not know something is overheating until it starts a fire. Infrared electrical scans allow technicians to see abnormally hot spots, which usually indicate increased resistance.

This allows you to find areas that are starting to fail before they actually fail. Even if the electrical issue doesn't cause a fire, it could cause damage to equipment or electrical shock. Infrared electrical scans are a great idea for both residential homes and businesses.

3. Home Insulation Test

Ideally, your home has plenty of insulation and no gaps/holes that allow the transfer of heat. This keeps your home naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so you can reduce energy spending. However, many homes don't have enough insulation. In other cases, long-term wear and tear on the house could lead to small openings around windows/doors, in the attic, etc.

With infrared testing, technicians can look for hot spots or cold spots that indicate the transfer of heat. They look inside and outside to ensure every leak is identified. In addition, they'll be able to pinpoint areas of the house that need more insulation.

Infrared tests can help spot many issues without needing to rip down drywall or the roof. By spotting issues early, you can save money in the long run by avoiding more expensive repairs and damages. If you would like to know more, contact a technician who offers infrared electrical scans.

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