4 Possible Causes Of Flickering Lights In Your Commercial Space

Flickering lights often make you think of haunted houses and scary movies. Encountering this problem in the commercial space can be a jarring experience. Employees need a steady and reliable light source to illuminate the rooms as they work. Flickering lights could result from simple problems like an incorrectly installed bulb. However, at other times the flickering indicates the possibility of a bigger problem that could lead to an electrical fire or other hazards. Here are the four most common causes of the issue in commercial buildings. 

Loose Wire Connections

Most commercial electricians do their best when performing first-time electrical installations. However, as the building ages and the electrical wiring goes through regular wear and tear, some connections become loose. The unstable contact between the bulb and the current source leads to a rapid switch between on and off. The best way to handle this problem is by identifying the location of the loose connections. If the problematic parts of the wiring are too many, the electrician can rewire the entire building.

Defective Bulbs

Most of the flickering light issues have a connection with the state of the bulb. Older bulb technology like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have a short lifespan. Towards the end of their lifespan, these bulbs also tend to wear down completely. The damage leads to the lights flickering and other problems. It is advisable to consider replacing older lighting bulbs with new and better technology like LED bulbs. 

The Circuit Could be Having Surges

Surges are another cause of flickering light bulbs. Power surges result when you plug an appliance that places a high voltage demand on the electrical panel. When one part of the circuit takes power from the other, the affected part will have less current, and the bulbs will respond by dimming or flickering. The best way to address power surges is by increasing the capacity of your wiring. 

A Switch Could be Broken

The other common reason for flickering lights is when you have a broken switch. A simple way to test whether the switch has a problem is by leaving it in the on state and then wriggling it left and right. If the light flickers, you have a loose connection. 

Call a commercial electrician to help you handle any electrical issues leading to flickering lights on the business premises. They will troubleshoot the problem and resolve it, preventing worse issues like electrical fire damage. 

For more information on the hazards of flickering lights, contact a commercial electrician near you. 

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