Residential Electrical Upgrades For Distribution Boards And Wiring

Three major types of upgrades are provided by residential electricians. One is replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel. The second is upgrading a breaker panel for additional wiring needs or setting up another panel for this purpose. The third main type of project is extending wiring to a part of the home where more outlets or other features are needed.

Fuse boxes and breaker panels also are called distribution boards because they distribute electricity throughout a building. The devices control the amount of electricity sent to various parts of the home.

When This Work Is Necessary

These projects become necessary when homeowners add new electronic devices to the building and find fuses repeatedly blowing or breakers tripping. This shuts off the power to a certain part of the home when there is too much electrical demand.

An electrician also should be called for assistance if the household begins relying on extension cords to routinely power some of their electronic devices. Extension cords are intended for temporary use only.

Dedicated Circuits and Wattage Considerations

Several circuit breakers should have wiring for only one device that draws a significant amount of power. An electric water heater, a central air unit, and a refrigerator are examples. Space heaters and large microwaves should be on dedicated circuits as well.

Some devices usually only run for a few minutes, but their high wattage means nothing else should be plugged in at the same time. For instance, turning on a hairdryer while a curling iron is plugged into the same outlet will likely cause a breaker to trip.

In contrast, one circuit can provide power to several outlets for lower-level wattage. For example, these outlets can power lamps, a TV set, a boom box, and a personal computer. 

An Extra Panel

A residential electrician will install an extra distribution board if this is advisable. A home with significant electrical needs in a garage or basement benefits from this equipment. That's especially important when someone takes up a hobby requiring a substantial amount of power, such as woodworking with a skill saw. The electrician includes empty spaces so more breakers can be installed in the future.

An additional panel can be placed where it isn't obvious and won't interfere with the home's decor. It might be installed in a closet or a built-in cabinet. 

Homeowners wanting to upgrade their wiring and distribution system may contact a residential electrician for assistance.

Reach out to an electrician in your area to learn more about electrical panel upgrades.

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Residential Electrical Upgrades For Distribution Boards And Wiring
11 May 2021
Three major types of upgrades are provided by residential electricians. One is replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel. The second is upgrad