A Look at What an Outlet Upgrade Project Can Do for You

Has it been a while since your home had an electrical outlet upgrade? Perhaps you have lived in your home for many years and never upgraded the outlets. If you are not the original homeowner, chances are you do not have any idea about whether the outlets have ever been upgraded. Do not expect your outlets to stop working if they need to be upgraded. Some outdated outlets can continue to provide power. However, this does not mean that they are safe or that they are providing the most efficient energy. Use the following points as a foundation to understand the benefits you could reap from an outlet upgrade project.

1. Modernization

Many of today's electronics require USB chargers for power. A base is needed to charge these devices in standard outlets. An outlet upgrade would allow you to choose to install outlets that feature a direct USB port plug. This area is separate from the standard plug areas. A base would not be needed with this outlet style. This means that you would have two free plugs to use for other needs. 

2. Repair and Replace Damaged Outlets

If your home has some outlets that do not work or have damages, you will want to consider how that is negatively impacting your electrical usage. Cracked outlets are a safety hazard that can lead to an electrical fire or electrical shock. Cracks that have been present for a while likely have allowed dust to enter into the outlet and settle on sensitive wiring. This issue may seem minor, but it poses a serious safety threat.

3. Correct Loose Plug Issues

Older standard outlets will wear out over time. The plugs may still provide electricity, but they might not securely hold the item plugged into the socket. Perhaps you have plugged in a cellphone in a worn outlet to charge. When you retrieved it, you might have discovered that it did not charge due to the charger not fitting securely into the wall. An outlet upgrade would allow you to choose whether you want a standard replacement. The other option is to choose an outlet design that features a lock design. The lock secures plugged-in items and requires a manual release at the outlet site rather than pulling the cord from a distance. Pulling or yanking cords is one of the reasons that plugs loosen.

An electrician can help determine whether your home needs upgraded outlets. They can offer additional feedback about the outlets in your home and address any safety concerns that exist. Even if there are no safety concerns, upgrading outlets is something that homeowners should view as a necessary duty that they will need to address at some point.

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