Tips for Companies Dealing With Title 24 Inspections

When a new commercial building is constructed, there are certain standards it needs to meet. That is true for the lighting. A title 24 inspection is designed to ensure new commercial buildings have lighting that complies with energy-efficient requirements. If you're currently going through this inspection, using these tips will pay off tremendously. 

Review the Criteria Before the Lighting Selection and Installation Starts

You will be in a better position to pass a title 24 inspection if you see what is required before commencing with light selection and installation. What energy-efficiency requirements are needed, and how do your lights need to be positioned so that they remain energy-efficient?

These are questions you can find by searching your local building codes. You also can talk to the project manager in charge to make sure the lights you've selected will comply with a title 24 inspection. Early planning will save you from going down the wrong paths with your new commercial building's lighting.

Look Over the Report After the Inspection Concludes

In order to comply with a title 24 inspection for a new commercial building, you want to carefully look over the title 24 inspection after it is complete. You'll learn valuable things about your building's lighting and if there are still issues, you'll know about them quickly based on what the inspector tells you.

That makes it a lot easier to address light efficiency issues because they'll be pretty much spelled out to you. All that is required next is making adjustments and having another inspection conducted to make sure you pass. 

Be Aware of Requirement Changes 

Even if you feel like you have a good grasp on what's required to pass a title 24 inspection, you should make a mental note that these requirements can change. And if they do, you need to respond appropriately so that you don't have to worry about not passing.

So if you're having another commercial building constructed and it has been some time since you've had to deal with a title 24 inspection, research changes that have occurred in your local area. Then you won't be surprised with how this upcoming inspection turns out. 

Certain states mandate title 24 inspections. They're a way to ensure lighting is efficient, which comes with a lot of benefits to business owners and the environment. If you commit to learning about these inspections and doing everything right during and after they're completed, you'll avoid penalties and inspection failures. 

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