Don't Replace, Rewind! 3 Reasons To Rewind Your Electric Motors

Motors are at the heart of most machines. Without a functional motor, it can be difficult for any machine to provide reliable results.

Electric motors can begin to deteriorate over time. You have two options when it comes to addressing a failing electric motor: replace the motor or rewind it.

Rewinding has the potential to offer your company a number of advantages that could prove beneficial over time.

1. Rewinding is the Green Option

More businesses than ever before are paying attention to their carbon footprint. Rewinding your electric motors rather than replacing them with new ones can be a great way for your business to go green.

All of the old parts and materials from an electric engine are recycled during an engine rewind. These parts and materials are refurbished and installed back on the engine to restore efficient performance.

Replacing an electric motor requires that all new parts and materials be manufactured. The manufacturing process uses up essential resources, and requires much more energy to complete than the rewinding process.

Opting to rewind your electric engines is the eco-friendly choice.

2. Rewinding is Affordable

Cost is a significant factor when it comes to addressing a failing electric motor. Many companies find that rewinding their engines is the affordable option. The rewinding process costs only a fraction of what it costs to invest in a new motor.

You can further reduce costs through rewinding by keeping your engine specifications the same. You won't have to invest in new tools or replacement parts when you rewind your original engine.

3. Rewinding Improves Efficiency

The efficiency of an electric motor is important because this efficiency directly impacts the performance of the machine in which the motor is installed. Rewinding has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of your motors over time.

Experienced technicians evaluate each and every component during an engine rewind. Repairs and adjustments are made to help ensure the engine system works together as a single unit.

New motors have the potential to interfere with the efficiency of existing components, but a motor that has been rewound will be able to integrate into your machine with ease.

Maximizing efficiency can enhance productivity, making rewinding a rewarding option.

When it comes to addressing performance issues in your electric motors, don't discount the benefits that the rewinding process can offer. Use motor rewinding to help you save money and improve productivity over time. Learn more about an electric motor rewind today.

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