Follow These 3 Guidelines For Excellent Generator Installation

Backup generators are an amazing investment, especially when you work in an industry where power outages can lead to massive losses. They also come in handy at home because they supplement the power source you already have and help when the lights go out. However, a lot of people end up with endless generator problems because of issues such as poor installation, poor maintenance, and lack of knowledge on how to operate them. 

While it is true that all generators come with an operation manual and a warranty, neither will be useful when you do not have a competent person handling the installation. Here are simple guidelines that will really transform your experience with your generator.

Ensure the Cable Connections Are Correctly Done

One of the common problems that people complain about after generator installation is the failure to start. Your generator will only work when the expert installs all the wiring and cable connections correctly. Ensure that you ask the supplier about the right type of cables for the generator before installing them. Additionally, ensure that the professional does the grounding correctly after the installation of the main and the neutral cables. 

When a professional handles the cable installation correctly and connects the remote control properly, your generator will be easy to operate. Note that poor cable connections also often lead to generator problems, which can shorten its useful life. 

Ensure the Auxiliary Accessories are Properly Connected

The other major mistake that people make when handling generator installation is improper installation of the accessories. The battery charger and the water jacket heater are two accessories that are often installed poorly or incorrectly. When the battery charger is incorrectly installed, you will not have the power needed to crank up the engine when you need to. 

It is best to allow a professional to handle this aspect of the installation because it will minimize the number of complications that arise from the process. 

Ensure the Generator Is Getting Sufficient Air Flow

The efficiency of a generator depends on how efficiently it will burn fuel. Efficient fuel combustion can only happen when the air inlets and outlets are clear. If the person doing the installation constricts the inlets and outlets, they limit the fuel combustion, which leads to an inefficient generator battery.

You can avoid generator installation mistakes when you allow a professional to handle the installation process for you. Take time and choose a professional for the installation to minimize complications. Contact a generator installation service for more information. 

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