5 Ways an Electrician Can Upgrade Your Bathroom

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so without a doubt — a high level of functionality is essential. However, if you are anything like the average person, your bathroom probably leaves much to be desired. Did you know that an electrician can help? There are a variety of convenient and functional electrical upgrades that can make your time in the bathroom more efficient, and most importantly, more enjoyable.

1. Hidden Outlets

From electric razors to flat irons, it takes a lot to get ready in the morning, but the clutter these appliances leave behind can be a nuisance. An electrician can install hidden outlets in your drawers or the shelves that line your cabinets so that you can easily access these items when you need to use them but also keep them neatly tucked away.

2. Warming Drawers

After a long soak before bedtime, what better way to get yourself into a deep state of relaxation than to dry off with a warm towel. An electrician can install a warming drawer into an existing cabinet, or you can have extra cabinetry built and have the drawer fitted inside so that you always have access to warm towels. 

3. Heated Flooring

If you want to kick the comfort level in your bathroom into high gear, you can enjoy the luxury of drying off with a warm towel while standing on a heated floor. An electrician can install a radiant heat floor in your bathroom to turn your tile floor from cold to warm on demand. 

4. Vanity Lighting

Have you ever applied your makeup and then got to work and realized you made a mistake? Poor lighting may have been to blame. Consider installing vanity lighting to your existing vanity to increase your visibility and clarity as you look in the mirror. For the greatest enhancement, speak with the electrician about installing LED lights.

5. Decorative Lighting

Recessed lighting is a popular option for bathroom lighting, but you do not have to stop there. Your bathroom can have the same luxurious look like your favorite spa with the addition of accent lighting. Whether it is a beautiful chandler hung over your large soaking tub or a unique wall light fixture, you have plenty of options to spruce up the room.

If you want to update your bathroom, contact residential electrical services to learn more about revamping your space.

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