Television Antennas 101: A Guide For Prospective Consumers

With the prices of cable on the rise, many people are looking at a more traditional way to get television programming that doesn't cost as much money. For many years, antennas were the traditional way for people to get signals to their TV so they could watch local stations. Even though there have been changes in how these freely broadcasted signals occur, television antennas are still a thing to turn to. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about these implements.

Can you still get channels with a television antenna?

Modern television antennas are outfitted with a digital converter that allows you to receive the same broadcast signals that were once common but changed from analog to digital signals. If you have ever used an old antenna to get local channels, the same function still occurs; the signal delivery and reception is the only thing that is different. 

Are television antennas legal to place on your property?

There are no laws against placing a television antenna on your property. However, if you are going for an antenna that will be erected outside your home, it is a good idea to check on local zoning or HOA restrictions. Some areas will have restrictions on anything of a certain height being placed on your home or within so many feet of public property. 

Do you have to have a certain kind of television for your antenna to work?

Old televisions may not work with a modern TV antenna. OIld televisions are designed to receive analog signals much like the older antennas, so they will not be able to translate the digital images. If you have a flat-screen television, you will likely have no problem using your new antenna, however. If you want to use a new antenna with an older television, you may need to invest in a modern digital-to-analog converter box that you can attach to your TV. 

What kind of channels can you get with a TV antenna?

The majority of channels you will get with a television antenna are those that are required to broadcast for free, such as local television stations. You can also pick up some channels that are broadcasted openly in your area. For example, some college town will have a media channel that is used for student information or community information and this may be something you can pick up with your antenna. 

For more information about television antennas, contact a professional. 

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