Been In Your Home A While? Time To Check The Electrical Panel

If you have been in your home for quite some time, it is time to make some changes. This could be installing new carpeting, changing the kitchen cabinets, and more. Something else you may not consider is having the electrical panel inspected by a qualified electrician. Below are some problems the electrical panel can have once it becomes older that let you know it is time for an upgrade.

Breakers Are Tripping

If a breaker in the electrical panel trips, what it powers will power off completely. This could be a clothes dryer, a stove in your kitchen, or the power to an entire room. This is often due to the circuit breaker not having enough amps to power what it is connected to. This could be because you have replaced some things that require more amps, such as if you have installed a modern refrigerator or new entertainment equipment,. The entire electrical panel could also be having problems.

Things Are Overheating

If you notice outlet covers in your home are hot when you touch them or if you notice that electrical cords and plugs are hot, this is a sign the electrical panel is overheating. If this happens, the breakers will trip. That is a safety measure for you. 

If something like this does happen, unplug the item that is hot immediately, before it catches on fire. You should then contact an electrician to repair the problem for you.

Things Are Sparking

If you see sparks when you plug something in an outlet, there is something wrong with the electrical panel. You may also see sparks when you unplug something. You will see more sparks for larger items, such as a refrigerator or other large appliance, than you will see with something much smaller, such as a lamp.

If this is happening, unplug the item and leave it unplugged. Do not use this outlet for anything else until you determine what the problem is and an electrician determines what the problem is and repairs it.

If you have the above problems, an electrician will do an electrical panel upgrade. This includes replacing all the circuit breakers and the wiring in the panel. While the electrician is there, they will check all electrical wiring in the home, as well as any wiring you may have outside, such as any landscape lighting.

Contact an electrician to learn more about an electrical panel box upgrade.

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