4 Reasons The Lights In Your Home Are Flickering

When it comes to the lights inside your home, they should not be flickering. If the lights in your home are flickering, you need to figure out what is causing the flickering so you can fix it.  

Analyze the Bulb

First, start by analyzing the bulb. Is the bulb not screwed in the tightly? You may need to screw the bulb in a little tighter. When the bulb is not screwed in tight enough, it will have a poor connection, which can result in the bulb flickering.

Check and make sure that you are using the right type of bulb. If your light has a dimmer switch, you need to be using a special dimmer bulb; a regular bulb will not work properly.

Also, remember both fluorescent and CFL bulbs are known to flicker a little bit before they fully turn on and engage. If you are using either fluorescent or CFL bulbs, consider switching to LED bulbs, which don't flicker when you turn them on.

Check Out the Light Fixture

Next, check the light fixture itself. Is the light fixture in good shape? Is the light fixture coming out of the ceiling? Make sure that the light fixture has not been hit or damaged in any way. A damaged light fixture is not going to work right.

Investigate the Wall Outlet

Third, check the actual switch. Sometimes, the actual switch for the light may have become loose just through regular usage. In that case, removing the cover and tightening things up may be in order.

If the issue is with a lamp, check and see if the outlet is causing performance uses. Take the lamp and plug it into another outlet. If the light in the lamp doesn't flicker when it is plugged into another outlet, there may be an issue with that outlet that an electrician needs to investigate.

Consider Surges

Finally, consider the possibility your lights are flickering due to power surges. Power surges occur when too much power is pumped through your home's electrical system. Your home is designed to weather most power surges; however, power surges can damage your electrical system and even start fires.

When it comes to flickering lights, you need to make sure you figure out why the lights are flickering. It may be an issue as simple as analyzing the bulbs. If that doesn't matter, you need to check out the light fixtures and look at the wall outlets. You also need to consider surges as well.

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