Tips For Adding Light To Improve The Enjoyment Of Your Home

Many people strive to live in a home filled with light. Yet some homes, such as those with large rooms and lots of windows, are infinitely more suitable for this desire than others. But those who do live in a smaller home or one with few windows and dreary rooms can still create spaces that are lighter and more enjoyable to reside in. All that is usually required is a helpful electrician and some well-placed lighting options. 

If you would like to learn more about making your home lighter and brighter, this information will help you use recessed lighting to achieve your goal. 

Under cabinetry

The most obvious location for installing recessed lighting is under existing cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners who do this in small rooms or those that seem dark and depressing may be surprised at how effective they are in both adding light to the entire room and providing task lighting for the counters and workspaces located beneath them. 

In the same fashion, recessed lighting can also be used under shelving and mantles. This is particularly effective for shelving and mantles constructed from dark wood as it serves to eliminate shadows and help define the contours of the wood.

In the bathroom

Large light fixtures that give off harsh light can be a real problem in the bathroom, especially when gentle, softer light is desired. Adding recessed lighting in specific areas, such inside toilet alcoves or using waterproof, recessed lights inside dark shower stalls or around the bathtub can add the appeal and gentle glow of candlelight in a much safer form.

Along staircases

In homes that always seem to be dark, having enough light to safely use the stairs can mean turning on a room light. A softer, more appealing way to enjoy a well-lit staircase is to have a small, recessed light installed on the edge of some or all of the stairs and landings. 

By recessing small lights into the stair surface, all the wiring and fixtures can be hidden beneath so that the surface of the light left flush with the surface. This type of lighting can serve as a night-light in the home as well as helping to make the stairs safer to use. 

Recessed lighting is versatile, affordable, and adaptable for many uses. To learn more about your options for using recessed lighting in your home, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable electrical contractor in your area. 

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