How to Switch Out Old Outlet Covers

If you are looking to update your home, something as simple as switching out old electric outlet covers can make a huge difference. Over time these electric covers can yellow or crack and this can be an eyesore. If you would like to switch them out you can follow these simple steps to stay safe and get it down right:

Buy the Right Plates

Take a photo of your standard electrical outlets in the home and take it with you to your local hardware store. Before leaving you will want to walk around the home and take notes on how many outlets are in each room. You can ask a store employee for help or locate the outlet covers that resemble the ones you have. You will need to find the right color for your home. Black, brown, cream, and white are the standard outlet colors stores offer. Buy enough outlet covers to replace all at once. You don't want these to be mismatched throughout the home because they can be an eyesore instead of improving the space. 

Shut off the Electricity

Shutting off the electricity to your home is the most important step during this process. Anytime you are working with electricity or even just close to it, this can be a life or death situation due to electrocution. Locate the breaker box for your home that has all the switches that can shut off the power to your home. You can purchase a very inexpensive voltage tester to ensure that you have successfully shut off power to the room you are working on. This is crucial to double-check. You will have a metal screwdriver near the outlet and with power, this could lead to disaster.

Find a Flat Head Screwdriver

Most electrical outlet plates require a flat head screwdriver. There are usually one or two screws per plate that need to be removed before the plate will come off the wall and outlet. Once you have your screwdriver remove the screws and gently take the plate off the wall.

Install New Electrical Outlet Plate

Remove the new electrical outlet plate and screws from the packaging and hold the plate in place on the wall with one hand. Use the other to hand to screw in the new screws. Be careful not to overtighten the new screws because this could cause you to strip the screw or crack the plastic plate.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to clean up and get the power back on. Step back and admire the quick facelift you have given your home. For more assistance with electrical projects, contact services such as Etheridge Electric Company Inc.

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